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Monday, November 17, 2014

Craft #74-Day 78-Giant Bubble Wand

It took me awhile to gather up motivation on this very cold Monday! Carter started to get restless... so after i had many cups of coffee and a few cartoons, we were ready for our next activity.

I cleaned out one of the large plastic drawers I use for various things-toybox, sensory activities,etc. Carter helped pour the water, dishwashing soap, and corn syrup into the plastic drawer. He happily stirred everything together to make our bubble solution!

Next we made our giant bubble wand. We had bendy straws of course, so we cut off the flexible sections of the straws. Carter helped thread the twine through the straws, forming a square-two sides made up of string and two sides made up of straws.  I tied a knot and trimmed the excess string.

We played with the bubbles during the day and we had a great time. We had to show Mike how much fun it was when he got home from work. So we bundled up and went outside to blow more bubbles!

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