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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Craft #71-Day 77-Monster Salt Crystals

New Chapter! Chapter 5-Experiment and Explore-"There's no end to the fun you can have when you engage with the wonders of the natural world around you."

I was very much looking forward to Carter and I trying this experiment. After gathering the supplies needed, I boiled the water, added the first cup of Epsom salts and stirred until it dissolved. Once cooled down, Carter added red food coloring and more Epsom salts. My husband, Mike, helped out as well. He created a funnel from a plastic water bottle to place in the jar, for Carter to pour the mixture into.

I tied a string to the center of a pencil and tied on a metal nut to the end of the string. Carter set the pencil on the jar with the end of the string inside the jar. In the next few days, as the water evaporates the salt left is supposed to join together to form crystals.

We watched this over the next couple days and the crystals were still not forming. So we switched the string to twine and we found a washer to use instead (which is what the instructions said to use....just thought a nut would work as well...)

We will watch this for the next few days and hopefully we will have a salt formation. I will post an update!

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