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Monday, November 3, 2014

Craft #58-Day 64-Felt Flower Barrettes

I finally got to test out my new glue gun! It worked so good and was fun to use. Carter is still not quite old enough to use the glue gun, so I did all the gluing.

I gave Carter markers to draw on the felt, so he could create a barrette also. He is working on his scissors skills, however it will take some time before he can cut out little pictures. I added this step, so he could really take part in the project. He helped pick out the colors of felt and a few buttons.

He colored a very beautiful picture on the felt, so I framed it by cutting it into a heart. He chose buttons to add to it and I glued them on. We definetly had someone in mind when making this. I made a few more barrettes out of the felt he had picked out and glued everything on. We decided to add green & gold sequins to the butterfly.

More Christmas presents finished!!!

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