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Monday, November 10, 2014

Craft #66-Day 71-Foil-And-Paper Crowns

We made these fun crowns with Carter's cousin, Jordana!!! They had a ton of fun making these beautiful crafty crowns.

We used Carter's superhero belt to use for the base of his crown! Instant recycling! We placed a piece of aluminum foil on the back of the belt and folded it around the front of the belt to create a space to place the tissue paper in. Carter picked out Christmas tree tissue paper (of course) and he practiced cutting. We cut v's for the points of the crown. He was ready to start gluing on more stars. He wasn't as interested in the stickers, however he did end up putting a couple of stickers on his crown.

We bent the crown in shape and had to tape some of the tissue paper in place. I added duct tape at one end to keep the crown together. Carter was not at all interested in wearing it. He sure enjoyed making it though!!

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