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Monday, November 10, 2014

Craft #65-Day 71-Superhero Costumes

I was so excited to start this project! Of course, part of the fun was making the costume only with the materials we already had. I think it turned out incredibly cute.

First we needed to make a letter, so we chose "C" for Carter or Carty, if you ask him. I used red construction paper to make the letter and Carter painted on purple glitter glue. Now for the cape....Carter's apron had ripped weeks we used that. I sewed what was left of the straps back together at the top to keep it attached when Carter wears it.

Next we made the belt. I cut apart a cracker box and cut it into a strip. I covered it with sparkly duct tape. I gave Carter the bag of stars and he happily started gluing them onto his belt. We had a butterfly mask already, so we used that for his mask.

We chose his red polo shirt and cute kite pajama pants for his outfit. We outlined his "C" with the sparkly duct tape to attach it to his shirt.

Super Carty to the rescue!!!

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