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Monday, November 3, 2014

Craft #57-Day 64-Button Bracelets

We are falling behind a little...between the busy Halloween week and me not feeling well...crafting had been pushed aside. A new week and we are back!

Carter helped pick out the buttons for our bracelet. Of course, our craft turned into a game of cars and buttons for awhile. Super fun being sidetracked by Carter's imagination. Then he was interested in using the scissors, so he helped cut the embroidery thread. He also helped thread the buttons on. Next time I would use bigger buttons which would be easier for Carter to use. Also, I would use elasticized cord instead of the thread-which is suggested in the book- I just was using what I already had and the thread easily frayed.

We used only two-hole buttons as it is a little easier. I tied a knot at the end and a loop to fit over the first button on the bracelet to fasten it together. Carter was not interested in wearing it....he liked swinging the bracelet around and around.

Another Christmas present finished!

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