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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Project?" Feedback Appreciated.

I recently started numbering the projects in the book and I was surprised to find that I only came up with  125 projects.

So I counted all of the projects listed in the book several times and never came up with 175. So I thought maybe she counted each individual set of instructions as a "project". After trying out a few different theories...I finally reached, 175. Am I sure this is how Martha Stewart's editors counted the projects...of course not...however, it is my best guess.

For example our Solar System project...each planet would have been counted as a separate project. Each type of pipe cleaner pal is its own separate " project". Well, as you can see that is not how I was counting the projects. Pipe cleaner Pals- one project and Solar System-one project.

Originally, when I started this challenge I thought when it said projects for kids of all ages...that the projects could be completed by all ages. This is where I found my real challenge. I figured out early on that we would need to adapt some, if not most for my little guy. That has been the most fun...we could still complete a pipe cleaner pal...though ours was a snake and no way would he be ready for cross-stitching so we simplified it and made our own DIY threading board. Also, another challenge was replacing items for recyclables or materials we already had on hand...since we are on a budget.

This has been an incredible journey to take with my then 2 1/2 year old to now-3 years old. I see so many advances in his motor skills and attention span. Which of course increases with age as well. However, crafting has also played a huge part in it and something he has looked forward to. We are still completing all the projects in the book in our toddler friendly way! Hopefully, this has given parents ideas for crafts to do together. Crafting does not need to be complicated as the process is so much more important than the end result.

SO I need opinions on what I should change my blog title to? Example:Crafting through Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts For Kids book, The Toddler way. Also, any other feedback would be appreciated as well. Much love.


  1. Our Martha Stewart can't count, 175 projects.
    Art projects galore
    Me and the kid being crafty
    Me and C being crafty
    Epic parenting win

  2. Love all of them! Thank you for the feedback;)