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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Craft #122-Day 149-Felt Pins And Barrettes

The Final Crafting Countdown-#4!

After a fun play date, we came back to the house ready for some lunch and our next project.

I had a ton of bobby pins left over from a past project that we could use for this craft. I brought out the scraps of felt and we decided to make leaves. Carter practiced his scissor skills...seems like he may be left-handed.

We rummaged through my "random" item craft container looking to see if we had bells to use. We did, however we found a cute plastic flower instead to go with the felt leaves. Carter decided we needed to use one of his plastic spiders for our second pin. I love his ideas.

The spider needed a web! So I cut a little piece of white felt out for the web to be placed on. Carter squeezed tacky glue onto the felt and pressed a piece of black elastic string into the glue. He started "spinning" the web, with a little help.

I used the hot glue gun to glue all of our items onto the pins as well as adding extra glue to the web to hold it in place better. We were ready to make the cards to attach the pins to.

Carter picked out the card stock to use. For the spider pin card, he only wanted to add one orange circle on a piece of black card stock. He is starting to have very strong opinions in regards to his art! For the flower pin card, we decorated it with stickers and a stamp.

We have two very cute pins to give as presents!

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