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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Craft #120-Day 144-Chocolate Fudge

Super excited to do this activity! I may not enjoy cooking, however I do like to bake every now and again.

We decided to make not just fudge....we made fudgy brownies! I liked this recipe because it did not have a stove involved.This way Carter could help,completely. Plus we know Daddy's favorite dessert is brownies, and that's who we are making them for.

Carter helped pour all the ingredients into a big bowl and mixed it all together. Carter really likes kitchen activities. He scooped the batter into a baking dish and we were set to slide it into the oven. I made chocolate icing to go with it.

Once baked, we let it cool down. Carter was very excited to use the Dino cookie cutters. He covered the dino's in icing and decided sprinkles were also needed....of course!

Just as we were adding the sprinkles, my husband walked through the door and saw our surprise for him!

A fun day, indeed.

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