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Monday, January 26, 2015

Craft #121-Day 148-Hand-Embellished Handkerchiefs

The final 5 countdown!!

So....#5...of course we put our own spin on this lovely idea. I didn't have a handkerchief or even a piece of non-patterned material. Apparently, I like patterns. So we decided to use a pretty plain green pillowcase. I didn't have any fabric crayons-didn't even know that was a thing. I searched for an alternative via the Internet...hoping to find an idea that involved supplies I already had. Luckily, I found a super fun alternative to using fabric crayons.

Sandpaper printing! We were venturing out to visit the Grandparents today anyhow and they have a supply of sandpaper. After a trip to the park and playing trains, we were off to start our project.

We had fine sandpaper to work with and there were holes bordering it, therefore Carter had a smaller space to draw his picture. I had to teach him to press down on the crayon, so there was enough wax to work with. The color was also more vibrant; he thought that was neat. I asked Carter to tell me about his picture....he explained to me that it was a sun and a star. I think it turned out gorgeous!

I did the ironing part. I placed a piece of cardboard in the shirt so it didn't bleed through to the other side. Iron was set to cotton, parchment paper placed over the back of the sandpaper, sandpaper art pressed against the fabric. It took around 45 seconds for the image to transfer over. By golly it did and was a clear transfer! Super awesome! I placed a paper towel over the picture on the pillowcase and ironed it again to remove excess wax. To set the color dry for 20 min and launder alone for the first time.

Carter picked out white yarn to wrap around the folded pillowcase and I tied a gift tag to it. A great heartfelt gift.

Link for Sandpaper Printing:

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