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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Craft #106-Day 126-Crepe-Paper Bunnies

I absolutely love this party favor idea! A trinket/toy is wrapped up in a ball of crepe paper, made to look like a bunny face. Then guests unwind the crepe paper to reveal the prize!

We decided to wrap a toy ball in blue crepe paper. Carter helped wrap the strips of paper around the ball and I used the hot glue gun to glue down the ends of the crepe paper. I cut out the ears and Carter helped tape them onto the top of the ball. I drew on the lashes with a black sharpie. For the nose I cut out a small oval from a piece of black crepe paper and glued it on.

Carter picked out the cupcake liners he wanted to use. I cut away the center of the liner so the bunny head would fit inside. I also cut out a little triangular piece from a cupcake liner for the bunny's collar. We decided to add some glitter as well. Carter happily shook the glitter onto the crepe-paper bunny.

I can't wait to use this idea!

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