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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Craft #114-Day 135-Halloween Favor Tree

Being that we are past Halloween...and it is now January, we decided to change the theme to winter. So a Winter Favor Tree!

Carter wanted to make snowballs first for our tree. We had stopped by Mecca earlier in the day to pick up my glue gun that I had left there, oops! As well as, paper fasteners and a variety of paper to make the snowballs with. We headed home to wander our yard in search of the perfect tree branch.

We found a great branch and headed back inside to start our project. Carter filled the vase with glass stones and wedged the tree branch in. Onto making the snowballs! Since the paper fastener method was just not working out for us we decided to go with the gluing and taping method.Fail safe!

We criss-crossed strips of paper and kept it all together with glue and tape in order to create our snowballs. Which mimicked the type of globes made in the book for the pumpkins and cats. Carter decided to add the white pieces of paper we were originally going to use on top of the snowballs. I love when his originality comes shining through!

Next, we cut up parts of an adorable snowflake gift box, taped the sides back together, to create our little treat bags. Of course, we had to add snowmen! Using cupcake liners for the snowmen faces, Carter glued on the construction paper eyes and mouth. Finishing touch was the orange nose made from foam.

Carter helped punch holes into the treat bags and snowmen decorations, so we could add the ribbon and hang them on our tree. I slipped ribbon through the braid of the snowballs instead of using a hole punch.Before that could happen though, Carter decorated our tree with silver tinsel!

Carter happily added the favors to our winter tree. I love all of these party ideas.


  1. So cute! Cupcake liners are so versatile.

  2. Thank you! I love using cupcake liners and coffee filters for crafts:)