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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Craft #115-Day 139-Pumpkin Take-Away Treats

We finally found some time today to start our next craft. We had most of the supplies needed, except for the little muslin bags. We had a larger bag made of similar material that we used instead. Also, again since we are past Halloween, we decided to make a dinosaur stamp!

After a few carving attempts to make a stamp out of an apple freehand, I decided to use a dinosaur cookie cutter instead. I cut a side of the apple and evened it out. I pressed the cookie cutter in the apple and trimmed the edges.

Carter dipped the apple stamp in green paint and placed it onto the bag, pressed down, and removed the stamp to reveal the cute little dinosaur print! I added an eye with a black permanent marker.

Now Carter has his own little snack bag we can fill up, when we leave the house, adventuring.

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