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Monday, January 19, 2015

Craft #118-Day 141-Gumdrop Lollipops

So the last time we used gumdrops for one of these was a big mistake. All Carter wanted to do was eat them. So I mixed it up this time to avoid the meltdown and eliminate as many "no's" as possible.

Rummaging through the refrigerator, I found the following as stand in's, ha ha!

Santa-Strawberries, vanilla icing and mini chocolate chips for his eyes- (Carter will not try to eat the icing or choco chips...surprising, I know!)

Snowman-Big marshmallows, and a top of a strawberry for his hat, mini choco chip eyes, and tiny sprinkles for his mouth, and a tiny piece of carrot cut in a triangular shape for his nose. We used a wooden skewer to keep it all together.

Holly- Using a wooden skewer, we pressed on 3 cherry tomatoes and a couple pieces of celery tops on each side for the leaves.

Tree-A piece of celery.

Mushrooms- A small piece of marshmallow and the bottom half of a strawberry, held together with a wooden skewer.

Carter helped put all of this together and happily scooped large chunks of icing onto the serving platter for us to set up our wintery scene. Carter stuck everything into the icing as he wanted and thought the outcome was pretty hilarious.

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