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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Craft #110-Day 130-Button Frames

I didn't have a basic white picture frame to use, so we decided to make our own!

I cut out the middle of a paper plate and Carter glued red crepe paper to the sides. He drew a beautiful picture on construction paper, with markers to be displayed in the frame. Carter loves to play in the button tin and was excited to pick out buttons to glue onto our frame.

Carter placed them all around the edges of the plate and I attached them in place using a hot glue gun. I cut his picture to fit the frame and taped it in place.

It was the cutest thing...he really wanted his picture taken next to his frame. So I hung it very low on the wall, so he could stand by it for the pic. We had a few outtakes, ha, ha...he kept standing right in front of the frame! So adorable. He is starting to take pride in the work he is doing and that is very exciting!

This picture will stay on the wall.

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