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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Craft #124-Day 151-Button Ornaments

Craft #2-Final Crafting Countdown!!!

It is kind of hard to believe we only have one craft left to complete after this one. Wow.

So here it goes....Carter searched through the button tin for black, white and brown buttons. I didn't realize how low my pipe cleaner supply was! I need to stock up. We chose to use the blue pipe cleaner for the snowman.

I twisted the pipe cleaner in the middle to create a loop and two equal sides. Carter helped string the buttons on, slipping one end into each hole or if the button had 4 holes- we used 2 diagonal ones. Once all of the buttons were on, we bent the pipe cleaner to keep them in place.

The next one we made was supposed to be a dog- a Dauchound. We were going to give this to a friend, for her birthday present.....however it turned out looking like an anteater, ha! We added pipe cleaner legs and ears by bending the pipe cleaners in half, placed them between buttons and twisted in place.

Carter thinks they are the greatest toys! He even named the anteater, "Ice Cream"! Love it. This is definitely one of my favorite projects.

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