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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Craft #119-Day 143-Matchbox Gifts

Adorable mini-size presents! We had the perfect people in mind to give this to as a, "Thank-you" gift.

We used a small cardboard jewelry box in place of the matchbox. I dragged out the infamous, ever expanding baggie of paper scraps for Carter to search through. I poured craft glue in a cup and gave him a paintbrush to apply it. He picked various stickers and pieces of paper, gravitating towards the Christmas theme.

We chose a pink slip of paper to write our thank-you note on. Carter decorated the note with more pictures, stickers and his very own drawings! I added a thank you message using marker.

We placed a grasshopper trinket as well as our note into the box. Carter will be delivering this present very soon!

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