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Friday, January 30, 2015

Craft #125-Day 152-Button Cards

The LAST craft of our crafting challenge!!! 125 crafts in 152 days!!!

To celebrate, I decorated Carter's kitchen chair with streamers and we set out some of the crafts from the challenge. What an amazing 5 months it has been. The most amazing thing from this was to see Carter learn and strengthen many different skills, including fine motor skills. He started to take pride in his work and took time when drawing a picture. His imagination only increased and he shared his ideas! I will write more in a final post, for now onto the LAST craft...

Carter was quick to take all of the buttons out of the tin. He really loves the button tin; he calls them "bunts." Love it. I had a pre-patterned spiral with dots on cardstock to use for one of the cards. Carter picked out the buttons to add to the dots and I used the hot glue gun to attach them.

For the second card, Carter drew his own design onto a piece of purple folder paper. He picked out the buttons to place on his picture and again I glued them on. He added foam stickers to the card as well. We made an ice cream cone, a sheep, monster etc. from the stickers and buttons.

A very cute idea for homemade cards!

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