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Monday, January 5, 2015

Craft #107-Day 127-Baby-Chick Beanbags

This would be a great addition to an Easter egg hunt. After the bean bags are found, you could play bean bag toss!

I didn't have yellow felt or fabric to use, however I did have a pretty light brown piece of fabric that would work. Referencing the baby chick template in the book; I cut out the 2 pieces of fabric needed. I hand stitched the two pieces together, leaving an opening.

Carter helped fill the shape with dry beans. Once filled, I stitched the opening closed. Carter tried out the pinking shears, using them to trim along the edges. Carter taped on the orange beak and I attached the felt wings using the hot glue gun. I used black marker to dot on the eyes.

I cut out strips of green streamers for the egg grass. We had an egg shaped container to use as the baby-chicks home. Carter filled the container with green streamers and placed the baby chick inside. We now have a new game to play...Carter calls it "chicken", ha, ha!

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