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Monday, January 12, 2015

Craft #112-Day 134-Framed Stamp Art

I didn't save any of the envelopes from the Christmas cards I received this year. So I did not have any stamps to use....except for the pretty flower sticker stamps that are sent in the mail sometimes. Perfect!

We started with a piece of construction paper and markers. I asked Carter what he would like to draw. He asked me to draw a house and a snail. Umm, okay...I love this kid. Once the outlines were drawn out, Carter helped pick out the stickers to use and the placement. He placed a stamp over the picture of the snail, so we made a stamp snail by cutting little stamp pieces for the antennae!

Carter decided to draw as well and drew a circle around the house and a cloud in the sky. I was super impressed with his circle! He added stamps to his circle. While he was doing that, I grabbed a frame to put his picture in. Carter was so very excited!

He is starting to take pride in his artwork! One of the greatest things that takes place when being creative is that children can feel pride in what they have achieved.
Which in turn, motivates them to want to try to do their best! Carter was more than happy to pick out a place on the wall to hang his artwork.

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